Posikidly – Helping Communities Raise Confident, Resilient, and Independent Children

Posikidly is paving the way for accessible, transparent, non-therapeutic communication to the general public regarding social emotional learning – using accessories, social media, resources, as well as local engagement to further spread awareness.



New Release:The Luckiest Kid

A story about recognizing your inner gifts, as well as appreciating the gifts of those around you; teaching the principle of ‘non-judgemental’ focus

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By now you may have learned a bit about the idea and mission of Posikidly. If not, be sure to visit our “About Us” page. I was inspired to build a...
Come on. Admit it. It’s crossed your mind. To be fair…my “poem” process was almost a week-long process. On Tuesday I was feeling defeated as a...
I stay up entirely too late. Really, I am downright sleep deprived. I spend too much time beating myself up for the irresponsibility involved in day a...
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october, 2018

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What People Are Saying

“I found myself being inspired to rethink my own behavior after reading these stories! The lessons are great for everyone. What a way to stimulate family discussions on life lessons.

Not every child needs a social worker or a therapeutic setting, but every kid will benefit from learning healthy social emotional skill building. These stories deliver, without feeling like a “learning tool,” just a potential bedtime favorite for any kid.

I am as likely to give these whimsical, yet wise tales to my grandchildren as gifts as I am to use them as learning aids in my clinical practice with children going through the same struggles as her kiddos.”

Patti Martin, MSW, LSCW, Social Worker, Prairie Elementary School
“Posikidly and its mission are truly inspiring and much-needed!”
Christine Leeb, 4RealMoms, Blogger & Life Activist